Monday, 13 November 2017

Can they find me?

Where can we hide? Should we hide up a tree or curl up into a ball in a gap?

I follow Seohyun into the forest we are surrounded by trees and bushes. Then we find a sort of cave under a tree. I push myself as far under the tree as I can, the squishy ground under my feet and the sticks are poking at my head. The fresh air circles around me as I breath in and out. I whisper to Seohyun that this isn’t a very good hiding place and in reply she shushes me. I look past the surrounding bushes and see everyone walking around and hear them saying where they had hid and that they were found. I wonder Can they find me?

I freeze! The only thing that I move is my head looking to see if anyone is coming. “I found you!” Gabby shouts. I didn’t know Gabby was a seeker but then Ella walked round the corner and explained.
We were found!

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