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Week 1 Term 4
Money Shot
Today I took my Money shot that captures what I think captures the heart of Waimairi school. Mine captures the age differences, and us playing and being cheerful. These capture the heart of Waimairi School because there are all different ages in Waimairi School and at Morning Tea and Lunch we play on the playground and have a fun time.

Weeks 2-8
Arts Rotation / Sculptures / Capturing the
Heart of Waimairi School/ Calendar Art/ Fly on a Wall/ Talent Show

Talent Show
On Friday the Talent Show Jessie and I organised had started. We had 19 performers and 12 performances. There was singing, dancing, gymnastics, ripstik tricks, comedy acts, karate and even folding paper planes blindfolded. Jessie and I were the hosts and Mrs McCabe and Kiri were the judges. Alex won 3rd place. He did Paper Plane folding Blindfolded. Gabby won 2nd place. She sung. Megan, Sophie and Romae won 1st place and they sung Riptide.

Fly on a Wall
Jessie and I did Fly on the Wall. We were going to go to Steps but instead we were a Fly on the Wall of us doing Steps Web. These are some of the photos we took.

Calendar Art

For Calendar Art we got to choose out of making a collage, making a silhouette or making a tapa cloth pattern. I chose to make a silhouette with a colourful striped background. There is a ballerina silhouette, a netball player silhouette and a silhouette of a book. The stripes at the back are red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Sculpture Art

The first activity we did for sculpture art was to find information about a NZ sculptor. Jessie and I wrote about a sculptor called Margaret Butler, but on Wikipedia it said that she was called the Invisible Sculptor.

The activity after that was writing a See, Think, Wonder about a piece of found object art and another See, Think, Wonder about a sculpture. The piece of Found Object Art I wrote about was a dog made out of metal and tins. The sculpture I wrote about looked like white balls standing on top of each other.

Then we started planning our sculpture. Jessie and I planned to make a tin ninja but it didn't work out too well when we tried to make it. So we decided to make a flower but Mrs McCabe thought we could do better than that so we made a flower garden instead.

The first art activity I did was dancing we went to the library with Kiri to do it. First we listened and danced to a mixture of songs. This was to show how we change our dance moves when the music changes. Then we sat down and listened to some songs, to tell the difference between other songs. After that we did the three simple moves of doing the dishes, washing the car and mowing the lawns. Then we were partnered up with a buddy and used those simple moves to make a dance. I was partnered up with Isaac.

The second activity I did was Music we stayed in the form seating with Mrs McCabe. Mrs McCabe told us to find a item throughout the classroom to use as an instrument then choose a team to make a band. My instrument was the big wooden square with poles in between and beads on the poles that we use for maths. Then we use are instrument to make a song. After that we performed our songs to the other bands.

Capturing a Moment in Time Selfies

Capturing a moment in time is the split second where your finger presses the button to take a photo. So you can remember that split second forever.

The moments in time I captured was me climbing up a wall, me holding onto a blue rope and Jessie and I sliding down a slide and Jessie sliding down a pole.

Week 1
Arts Trip:Street Art
We went on a big arts trip and saw a lot of art but I want to tell you about my favourite piece of street art I saw.

It looks like a lady coming out of a triangle that leads to space. The arms of the lady turn into rainbow wings and the colour is draining out of her wings. The lady’s hair is raised like there is a big gust of wind blowing up from under her chin. You can only see the front part of the lady you can not see her legs.

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