Tuesday, 20 June 2017

High Ropes

It's the second day at camp and activity Group E is approaching the high rope course. With me trying to catch up with them. 
When I arrived they had just started to hand out safety harnesses.

When they were putting my harness on I was so excited that my head nearly popped like a balloon, but I managed to stay calm.
The harness they put on me first was too BIG. But the second one was just right.

We were each given a helmet because if we didn't have a helmet then we couldn't step into the area where the high rope course stands.

Then we approached the high rope course. We had a long session of talking and safety rules before we could choose our groups. I chose to go with Seohyun and Shileen.

First we went on the giant ladder when you look at the giant ladder from far away it looks easy. But when you look up at it it's humongous.

We get everything sorted with the adults and I start climbing I feel free as a bird but as I get higher up it gets harder and harder and harder. Until it gets so hard I had to come down.

Now Tom comes to join in and we all have a turn at climbing the giant ladder.

Then we move on to the climbing wall course. When you climb this course it feels like you are climbing a mountain. First you climb up the swinging ladder. Then you climb up the rocky climbing wall. Once you accomplish that you lift yourself up to the next level and climb up the pegs. Then you have accomplished your mission.

Afterwards I felt very proud. I got to the top of the climbing wall course.

The End

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