Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Classes Should Have Pets

Close your eyes. Imagine you walk into your class and you see a furry friend looking up at you. 
How would you feel? 

Imagine all the different pets your class could have. Cute bunnies hopping joyfully, beautiful birds flying gracefully, creepy spiders silently crawling and long, slippery snakes slowly slithering.
Wouldn't it be awesome!

Did you know that Pounamu has a pet rabbit named Sniffles. I have interviewed Mrs Smith about the benefits of having a classroom pet.
She told me that students learn how to be responsible.
For example students have to feed her everyday and 3 times a week clean out her cage. She also poops a lot and that is why they have a job called the Pebble Patrol who clean up after her. If Sniffles gets frightened she can scratch students so she must be treated carefully.

I have researched some of the other benefits of having a pet in the classroom. 

A pet gives us increased awareness of the feelings of others and helps us to treat others in a nice way.  It also can help to make the classroom a calmer place. It even can help some students who don't like school to want to come to school and learn. Some children who are upset find that being with a pet makes them feel better.
Not all pets are suitable for classrooms of course! 
For example dogs and cats could be difficult as they would need overnight care. Some one would have to take them home at night.

Some animals can be very helpful outside the classroom. They have been very successful in helping elderly people in rest homes and inmates in prisons to be calmer and happier. Some dogs are specially trained to help people who have a condition called Autism. They are also trained to support people who can't see or hear.

That is why I think classes should have pets. 
because it would be fun and help student to care for each other and improve their learning.
That is why I am going to try and get my class a pet.

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