Sunday, 22 May 2016

Term 1 reflection

Beat Reflection

This term I learnt about beat. But not just in music it can also be in your body, or even in the street, or even in the class. Beat is what keeps the music in time otherwise you will have a very funky song. The purpose of the beat is to lead the music (or the body's) timing. The beat acts as the mum and the dad because their leading the children ( instruments).
I can identify beat in many different contexts.
The way I find out is I listen to the instruments and find out which one is keeping the time.

Beat can go fast or slow but it has to stay in time.
Every song has a beat. 
Even the best pop stars have beat in there song.

When we all started a new year at school the classrooms beat was very untidy because nobody knew where anything was.
Then when everyone settled into their surroundings the beat settled as well.

By Grace   

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