Monday, 16 May 2016

School camp writing

School Camp

We embarked off to the tree climbing activity. The wooden foothold blocks clung to the trees.

Afterwards we headed off to the Bear Grylls Challenge where the beautiful forest surrounded me as I built my hut. 

The darkness began to set in and everyone headed off to their comfy beds lying on the floors inside their cosy bunk rooms. 

The next morning I awoke and a warm breakfast filled my tummy as I gobbled up the egg.

Then off I went to my next activity at the cemetery, where the creepy graves stood tall and still. 

Then off we went to forest track for mountain biking. The large mountain bikes glided down the tracks.

Then we sped off to Hanmer Springs Hot Pools in the cars. Warm hot pools bubbled between my legs.

At the end of the day the excited children chatted to their friends about how their day went. 



  1. I like the words you choose I think that your writing is on point!
    It made me feel like I was in the storie with you

  2. I loved the way you said " We embarked off to the tree climbing activity"
    Instead of "We went off to the tree climbing activity"

  3. Wow Grace you did a great Job I loved the way you said the wooden footholds clung to the tree but I would of loved to here more about the tree climbing activity