Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Discovery Time Reflection


Today at discovery time I ran baking, in the kitchen. I did it with my   mum, Cooper, Leon, Charlie, Larissa, Ruby and Savannah. Margerette and a few others came to watch too. We all worked together as a team to get the job done.

First we read the recipe and then we separated into different groups. One group crushed the biscuits and the other melted the butter. Then I poured the butter into the biscuits and Savannah mixed them together in a deep bowl. After that we poured it into a slice tin and put it in the fridge. Then we made the marshmallows by mixing the gelatin, sugar and boiling water. There was a lot of sugar and the water was very hot.

The role I played was concentrating to make sure everyone was having fun and doing everything right so it didn't go wrong. I also needed to make sure nobody burnt themselves when they are stirring the mixture on the stove top.

A strategy I used was copying my mum and concentrating so I didn't do something stupid. (Like burning someone or dropping something on my foot). I used this strategy because I was trying to be careful.

Something I learnt was you can still be brave even when you are scared. I also learnt that you can do what you want if you ask.

A struggle for me was concentrating and not being silly. It was also very hard to make sure that everyone was having fun but in a safe way so that they don't hurt themselves.

I showed a growth mindset when I helped clean the dishes. I also showed a growth mindset when I helped my mum.

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by learning something new because I did not learn something new from the marshmallow slice.

I would like to learn how to play golf with Charlie because I would like to do something more healthy.

By Grace K

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