Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Summer is...

Summer is the itchy, hot sand in between my toes, the cold, salty water lifting my hair, the hot sun beats down on me making me sweat.

Summer is bumblebees landing on the soft flowers, girls in beautiful flowing dresses, the dolphins jump in and out of the sea leaving foamy bubbles.

Summer is the splash of the waves hitting the sand, the sizzle of the sausages on the Barbeque, the buzz of the bees flying around my head.

Summer is the smokey smell of the left over charcoal on the Barbeque, the smell of pollen flying through the air, the smell of the cool summer breeze.

Summer is the yummy sausages that came straight off the Barbeque, the taste of the cold, salty sea, the taste of the yummy frozen ice-cream as it hits your tongue.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Can they find me?

Where can we hide? Should we hide up a tree or curl up into a ball in a gap?

I follow Seohyun into the forest we are surrounded by trees and bushes. Then we find a sort of cave under a tree. I push myself as far under the tree as I can, the squishy ground under my feet and the sticks are poking at my head. The fresh air circles around me as I breath in and out. I whisper to Seohyun that this isn’t a very good hiding place and in reply she shushes me. I look past the surrounding bushes and see everyone walking around and hear them saying where they had hid and that they were found. I wonder Can they find me?

I freeze! The only thing that I move is my head looking to see if anyone is coming. “I found you!” Gabby shouts. I didn’t know Gabby was a seeker but then Ella walked round the corner and explained.
We were found!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Arts Blog

Week 1 Term 4
Money Shot
Today I took my Money shot that captures what I think captures the heart of Waimairi school. Mine captures the age differences, and us playing and being cheerful. These capture the heart of Waimairi School because there are all different ages in Waimairi School and at Morning Tea and Lunch we play on the playground and have a fun time.

Weeks 2-8
Arts Rotation / Sculptures / Capturing the
Heart of Waimairi School/ Calendar Art/ Fly on a Wall/ Talent Show

Talent Show
On Friday the Talent Show Jessie and I organised had started. We had 19 performers and 12 performances. There was singing, dancing, gymnastics, ripstik tricks, comedy acts, karate and even folding paper planes blindfolded. Jessie and I were the hosts and Mrs McCabe and Kiri were the judges. Alex won 3rd place. He did Paper Plane folding Blindfolded. Gabby won 2nd place. She sung. Megan, Sophie and Romae won 1st place and they sung Riptide.

Fly on a Wall
Jessie and I did Fly on the Wall. We were going to go to Steps but instead we were a Fly on the Wall of us doing Steps Web. These are some of the photos we took.

Calendar Art

For Calendar Art we got to choose out of making a collage, making a silhouette or making a tapa cloth pattern. I chose to make a silhouette with a colourful striped background. There is a ballerina silhouette, a netball player silhouette and a silhouette of a book. The stripes at the back are red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Sculpture Art

The first activity we did for sculpture art was to find information about a NZ sculptor. Jessie and I wrote about a sculptor called Margaret Butler, but on Wikipedia it said that she was called the Invisible Sculptor.

The activity after that was writing a See, Think, Wonder about a piece of found object art and another See, Think, Wonder about a sculpture. The piece of Found Object Art I wrote about was a dog made out of metal and tins. The sculpture I wrote about looked like white balls standing on top of each other.

Then we started planning our sculpture. Jessie and I planned to make a tin ninja but it didn't work out too well when we tried to make it. So we decided to make a flower but Mrs McCabe thought we could do better than that so we made a flower garden instead.

The first art activity I did was dancing we went to the library with Kiri to do it. First we listened and danced to a mixture of songs. This was to show how we change our dance moves when the music changes. Then we sat down and listened to some songs, to tell the difference between other songs. After that we did the three simple moves of doing the dishes, washing the car and mowing the lawns. Then we were partnered up with a buddy and used those simple moves to make a dance. I was partnered up with Isaac.

The second activity I did was Music we stayed in the form seating with Mrs McCabe. Mrs McCabe told us to find a item throughout the classroom to use as an instrument then choose a team to make a band. My instrument was the big wooden square with poles in between and beads on the poles that we use for maths. Then we use are instrument to make a song. After that we performed our songs to the other bands.

Capturing a Moment in Time Selfies

Capturing a moment in time is the split second where your finger presses the button to take a photo. So you can remember that split second forever.

The moments in time I captured was me climbing up a wall, me holding onto a blue rope and Jessie and I sliding down a slide and Jessie sliding down a pole.

Week 1
Arts Trip:Street Art
We went on a big arts trip and saw a lot of art but I want to tell you about my favourite piece of street art I saw.

It looks like a lady coming out of a triangle that leads to space. The arms of the lady turn into rainbow wings and the colour is draining out of her wings. The lady’s hair is raised like there is a big gust of wind blowing up from under her chin. You can only see the front part of the lady you can not see her legs.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sculpture Plan and Reflection

Planning for the Tin Ninja

Subject: Tin ninja, Jessie and I are making a tin ninja.

People: Grace (me),   Jessie

Where: Art Area, Room 13

What we Need:
  • 2 knives
  • A baked bean can
  • Cream Rice tin
  • 2 Spoons
  • Sharpie
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Bottle lids
  • Paint

Who's Bringing What:

  • Baked Bean Can
  • 2 spoons
  • Bottle Lids
  • 2 Knifes
  • Cream rice tin
At School:
  • Sharpie
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Paint

Bringing the stuff we agreed to bring.

Key Competency:
We chose Share Ideas on the Thinker poster we chose that because we won’t be able to accomplish it without sharing ideas.

  1. Take the stickers off the cans.
  2. See how it will go together.
  3. Plan the face.
  4. Paint hands and swords grey.
  5. Draw the face.
  6. Stick everything together.
  7. Show the teacher!!!!!

Plan for Flower
  1. Cut out the petals.
  2. Stick them together to make a rose.
  3. Roll a stem.
  4. Cut out leaves and stick to the stem.
  5. Stick the stem to the flower.
We Need:
  • Magazine
  • Fabric
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Gun Glue
  • Pipe Cleaner

Jessie and I needed to change our sculpture because the tin ninja’s head fell off and then was dropped and broke in two. So we decided to make a flower. Then Mrs McCabe told us that a flower isn’t very impressive when two girls made it together. So we upgraded to a flower garden.

Sculpture Reflection

  • Found Object art is art that is made out of things you wouldn’t usually use to make art. Like yoghurt pottles, milk tops and metal containers.

  • The Sculpture Jessie and I was going to make was a Tin Ninja but his head fell off and then broke into. So instead Jessie and I made a Flower Garden instead.

  • Our inspiration for our flower garden was me wanting to make a rose then Mrs McCabe said one flower wasn’t very impressive for 2 girls to make so we decided to make a garden.

  • What went well was that our flowers look very pretty.

  • If I did this again I would improve the support made out of  magazine. Instead I would make it out of kebab skewers and wrap it in duct tape to make it thick.

Sailing Speech

Have you ever overcome a bad experience and succeeded? I have and I am here today to tell you all about it.

It was a calm, sunny day at Church Bay and my dad decided it was the perfect day to introduce me to sailing. The boat he chose was our Granny’s Laser, the boat he learned to sail on.

While my dad was preparing the boat the wind picked up.

The boat was ready and my dad told me to hop in the boat. Then he jumped in and the boat rocked side to side. I gripped the side of the boat hoping the boat wouldn’t capsize. Capsizing, for those that don’t know, is when a boat tips over on its side… more on that soon.

We start sailing and we sped off across the bay. I felt nervous, but it was fun.

I was just starting to relax when a gust of wind caught us while we were jibing and the next thing I knew I was flung out of the boat as it capsized.  Dad managed to grab my life jacket and pull me out of the way of the sail as it dropped to the water.

He then managed to right the boat and lift me in but, then we discovered the mast had actually fallen out. It’s not supposed to do that! Now we were in a spot of trouble.

Meanwhile back on shore the little red family's dad had seen us and came out on his little dingy to tow us back to the boat ramp.

After that brief and exhilarating experience I never wanted to go out on a boat again.

After a lot of  convincing, or rather bribing, dad made me go out on the optimist called PISCES. It used to be my dad's boat when he was my age. Dad called out instructions from the dingy. I was not enjoying myself and felt really nervous. It was a short sail.

Luckily the next day was perfect for learning to sail.  I set off and my dad jumped in the dingy to follow me. He grabbed the oars and SNAP, one of the oars broke. He had to paddle back in with one oar.  Meanwhile I was sailing out into the bay towards a family swimming in the water and starting to panic. But dad managed to shout instructions from the boat ramp and guided me back to shore. Needless to say our sailing lessons were not going well.

To help overcome my fears we sailed on calmer days and my dad upgraded to a kayak with a more reliable paddle. Now I can sit on the edge of the boat and I'm learning to jibe. I enjoy sailing now.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed my speech.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Playground Plan

Subject: Push and Pull Playground, I am going to make a playground and show how it uses force.

People: Grace (me)

Where: Room 13

What is in the Playground:
Slide, swings, merry go round, climbing walls, ladder, pole, rubbish bin, hopscotch and flying fox.

What I Need:
Kebab Sticks
Split Pins
Coloured Blue Tac
Little plastic Cup
Popsicle Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks 
Cotton balls 
Coloured Paper
Hole Puncher
Silver Cardboard
Pipe cleaners 

Things I Need to Do:
Buy the supplies. DONE 

Who's Bringing What:

Split Pins
Blue Tac
Popsicle Sticks
Kebab Sticks
Silver Cardboard
Pipe cleaners

At School:
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks 
Coloured Paper
Hole Puncher
Cotton balls

Not Sure:
Little Plastic Cup

Bringing what I have agreed to bring.


Go to the ladder and do steps 1-2 then when done come back to do step 2.
Cut a long, thin strip of cardboard and hot glue each long side of the cardboard to a kebab stick. 
Cut a small square of cardboard out to make a platform.
Stick toothpicks into the sides of the platform sticking up. Then hot glue a toothpick on top to make bars.
Paint the platform, bars and ladder red.
Wait to dry.
Once dry hot glue the ladder to a side of the platform with no bars.
Then hot glue the slide to the free side left.

Paint 7 popsicle sticks blue.
Wait to dry.
While drying cut a small rectangle of black paper out.
Punch a hole into each side of the swing seat.
Cut 2 13cm long bits of string.
Lop one bit of string through one hole in the seat and pull it back around the side. Then tie it to itself.
Do the same to the other side.
Once the popsicle sticks have dried hot glue them together like this. 

9.Get the top of the strings and tie them around the popsicle stick along the top.

Merry go Round:
Cut a circle of silver cardboard.
 Once dried rule out the middle of the silver cardboard circle and leave a mark out of pencil.
Poke a split pin through the mark that you drew in the silver cardboard circle and split it.
Bend 4 pipe cleaners and make sure one end can reach the middle of the circle.
Stick all the pipe cleaners to the side with the long side facing the middle.
Then stick the pipe cleaner ends in the middle together.
Stick a piece of bluetac at the bottom of the split pin.

Climbing Wall:
Cut out to rectangles of silver cardboard.
Stick little lumps of blue tac onto the silver cardboard and mould them into different shapes.
Cut a 2 small squares of cardboard.
Stick them onto the back of the climbing walls sticking out.

Hot glue toothpicks onto the side of a kebab stick.
Then hot glue a kebab stick to the other side of the toothpicks.
Hot glue to one side of the plat forms at the top of the climbing walls.

Stick toothpicks together to make a triangle.
Stick 2 toothpicks pointing downwards on 2 corners of the triangle.
Stick a kebab stick to the one corner still free pointing downwards.
Paint black.
Wait to dry.
Once dried stick the free tip of the toothpicks pointing down into the platform sticking out the back of the climbing walls.

Rubbish Bins:
Measure the height of a small plastic container.
Cut a rectangle according to your measurement on green piece of paper.
Place a line of hot glue on one end of the rectangle and stick to the small plastic container.
Wrap the rectangle around the little plastic container.
Place a line of hot glue on the other side and stick down.
Repeat 3 more times.

Cut a middle sized rectangle of grey paper.
Draw a hopscotch court out of chalk.

Flying Fox:
Cut 2 squares out of cardboard and stick 4 toothpicks into the bottom of 1.
On the top of the squares stick 2 kebab sticks and glue the 2 free tips together.
Thread the string through a needle and tie a knot around the square with the toothpicks in the bottom.
Sew a cotton ball onto the string and push it against the kebab sticks.
Cut a small bit of string and tie it around a straw. Then cut the straw 5 cm long (not cutting the string) .
Take the needle and sew a cotton ball on the end.
Tie a knot at the end and thread the needle back onto the longer piece of string.
Sew the long piece of string through the straw.
Sew 3 cotton balls on the end of the string and tie a knot around the other 2 kebab sticks.
Push the cotton balls to the end of the string.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science Blog

Week 8 (Blog 2)

 What is Force?

Push is a forward force. Eg: Pushing your friend on the swing.

Pull is a towards force. Eg: Pulling the rope towards yourself.

Acceleration is when something gains speed. Eg: The car accelerated in speed.

Friction is what stops a moving object. Eg: Friction stopped the ball from rolling.

Gravity is what keeps us on the ground.

2) See

This term I made lots of rocket balloons. I made them with Libby, Charlise and Trinity.

How to make a Rocket Balloon:
Get a straw and cut it 10cm long.
Sellotape a balloon onto the straw.
Get a ball of string and cut it 3m long.
Sellotape one end onto something.
Then thread the straw with the balloon sellotaped on onto the string.
Then Sellotape the other side of the string to something else.
After that make sure the string is firm and at a 45 degrees angle.
Blow up the balloon to 19 x 25 cm.
Let go of the balloon and watch it travel down the string. 

The first time we made rocket balloons we just had a play to see if it worked. I did this one with Savannah and Brooklyn. We didn't get to finish making the rocket balloon.

The second time we had to stick to the same variables as everyone else. This time I worked with Charlise and Libby.

The third time we stuck with the same variables except we changed the length of the string to 3 meters. Trinity came and joined in with us this time.

The first 3 attempts on the fourth time we used the same variables. Then we got to change one thing each time we did it. First we changed the length of the string, then the size of the balloon.

3) Data

This is what we had to stick to the second time we made rocket balloons.
1 ½ meter string
10 cm straw
19 x 25 cm balloon 
45 degrees angle
Tension: Firm

To make the rocket balloons we used
A straw
A balloon
A protractor

The data we gathered was the time it took for the balloon to get from one end of the string to the other. We did this by using the timer on the iPad.

We changed two things.
The length of the string 
The size of the balloon

When we changed the length of the string and like the first three times the balloon didn't reach the end of the string. When we changed the size of the balloon it went spinning around the string.

I learnt how to tell the difference between push and pull forces. I also learnt that time and distance gives you speed therefore force. Eg: Greater force means greater speed which is measured as less time.

4) Wonder

Would the balloon still spin round the string if we gave it less air?

My activity used push force because the air inside the balloon pushed the balloon along the string. It also used acceleration because when we let go of the balloon the balloon will gain speed.

I can use what I learnt when I create my model of a playground. I can use it by showing how it uses force.

Week 8

What I've Done:
This week I made Bar Graphs. The first one was about how many letters are in our first names and the second one was about how many pets we have. We did these as a class.

What I Found Out:
I Found Out that you need to leave a space in between each bar to make it clear which bar is which.
I also learnt that there is a Y axis and a
X axis on a bar graph. The Y axis is the line that is vertical and the X axis is the line the that is horizontal and along the bottom.

What I Wonder:
Why is the X axis called the X axis?


1st Bar Graph 

2nd Bar Graph

I have told you this because it is Gathering Data and that is related to science.

Week 7

What I've Done:
Today I did Rocket Balloons.
I also made a Mini Golf Course.

What I Found Out:
When we blew the balloon bigger the balloon spun round the string.
When the balloon wasn't attached properly it flew off the straw.

You don't need a lot of push force to get the ball

What I Wonder:
Why did the balloon spin round the string?


Week 6

What I've Done:
I made a Ping Pong Ramp

What I Found Out:
The steeper the ramp is the faster the ball travels it does this because it's easier for gravity to get the ball to earth.

It will need to be nearly flat for the ball to go slow because the ball had better grip.

Sometimes the ball went off course. It went off course because gravity steered the ball and made it turn.

What I Wonder:
Why does the ball have better grip?

How did gravity make the ball turn?

Overall Statement:
Gravity can steer objects and make them go off course.


Week 5

What I've Done:
Today I made a Chair Pulley.

I also did Rocket Balloons. 

What I Found Out:
When you pull with hand and push with the other then the rope will move round in a circle pulling the basket towards you or away from you.

If you change the angle of the rope the balloon finds it harder to get to the top because it doesn't have enough air.

What I Wonder:
What would happen if the opposite person did the exact same hand movements.

What would happen if the angle went straight up.


Week 4

What I’ve Done:
Today I made a Catapult.

Today I did Balloon Rockets.

What I found out:
That more simple catapults can shoot as well as a complicated one.

I learnt that balloons can use force to go upwards as well as downwards.

What I wonder:
What would happen if a simple catapult was used on a battlefield. (One where you use your strength to shoot.)

What would've happened if our one worked.